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Team Tuesday - 3 Questions to Arthur Bechtel

We are happy to introduce you our team with our "Team Tuesday":

Every two weeks, you will get a sight behind our scenes and learn more about the people, who make our company to what it is. Today we start with our owner and founder Arthur Bechtel:

1. What was your first car?
"My first car was a Fiat 500 Controvento, which I drove from 1968 to 1969. Originally the color of the Fiat was beige, but after a short time I repainted it: We taped around the windows of the car, sanded it and then I chose red for the paint."

2. When did you sit in a classic car for the first time?
"It was the year 1968 when I sat in a classic car for the very first time. It was a Jaguar XK 120, which was located at a luxury vehicle car dealer in Düsseldorf. But I also associate a very special memory with this model from Jaguar: At the beginning of the seventies, I bought and prepared a Jaguar XK 120 on behalf of a customer. The vehicle was from the estate of the famous racing driver Peter Lindner. In November, I took the plane to Frankfurt and picked up the car there. I remember quite precisely it even began to snow on my way back to Stuttgart. That was at the very beginning of the companies development and one of my first sales. Later, the buyer of the Jaguar moved to America. I took this car over again and sold it to another client, who still is our client and in the circle of our friends by today."

3. How would you configure your dream-classic car?

Model: Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
Exterior paint: Anthracite metallic
Interior leather: Cognac
Hood: Cognac
Carpet: Cognac
Extras: Radio, Center arm rest

"This is me when I was five years old with our car on a vacation trip to the Chiemsee in the year 1954."

"This is a La Salle from 1940. At the beginning of the eighties I drove with this car from Portland/Oregon on the Highway 1, along the pacific coast across the Golden Gate, through San Francisco, to San José/California."

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