The company

Arthur Bechtel – Pioneer with passion

In 1972 "Classic car" is a term, with which only a few people in Germany understood. A significant market for classic automobiles did not exist at that time in Europe - and it was not foreseeable. The young Arthur Bechtel would not mind: with a trade and service company for classic cars he dared the step into self-employment. His passion for classic automobiles and an extraordinary talent in dealing with people made the small business flourish right from the start. The combination of expertise, commitment and continuity ensures the steadily growing success over the decades. Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors contributes to the fact that one of Stuttgart's most important old-timer centers, the Motorworld Region Stuttgart is located close to the city of Stuttgart. Here, where the cradle of the automobile stands, the company is located with its headquarters and each service for your classic car.

Arthur Bechtel

Tim Bechtel – a vision in second generation

Arthur Bechtel connects his enthusiasm for classic automobiles and distant cultures with the great talent to establish and cultivate contacts worldwide. The love to other countries, their cultures and the people, has also shaped his son Tim since his earliest youth. With his involvement he created an unique and worldwide network of customers, partners and friends. Tim Bechtel continues Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors together with his father in the second generation, developed the success story by adapting the offer to the ever-changing international market situation and expanding the range of offered services. Today, Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors offers a range of services that includes every service from A to Z, beyond the trade with high quality classic cars. In addition to their great passion for automobile classic, father and son share the common vision of bringing the classic automobile to all continents.

Tim Bechtel