Dear friends, Fifty years of Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors - half a century that decisively changed the post-war history with the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany, a time span in which a revolutionary technical development in all areas of the daily life took place. In this breathless process of faster development phases, it is important to preserve things that are worth remembering for existing and future generations. This also includes the classic automobile. It documents the status of the technical development of style, the spirit of the times and is a creative expression of its respective time in the various categories, from utility to luxury automobiles. Bringing new life to automotive treasures and preserving them is the passionate goal of Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors and his team. What was the beginning and the environment of the company in 1972, and how has the market for classic automobiles developed over the course of five decades? On the following pages you will get a small insight into what is above all a very emotional profession.

Arthur and Tim Bechtel

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