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Vom Kultobjekt zum Kulturgut

UNESCO becomes official patron of the FIVA "World Motoring Heritage Year 2016"

As the world’s most important cultural institution it is the responsibility of UNESCO to promote collaboration among nations through education, science and culture in order to safeguard peace and to contribute to security.

UNESCO makes people aware of the value of their own heritage and the heritage of other cultures. The idea of world heritage represents modern cultural understanding and promotes dialogue and cooperation.

The international art scene has, in recent years,discovered classiccars and classifiedthem as objets d’art. Now comes the next step, because art and culture go hand-in-hand and, as so often in history, the avant-garde art scene has once again become apioneer. 

The World Association of Vintage Car Clubs, FIVA (Fédération Internationale des VéhiculesAnciens) has declared this a special year, with the motto: 

"Protection, preservation and promotion of our automotive world heritage" 

To this end, FIVA is planning a series of events and initiatives for 2016. 

Thus our aim, to ensure the classic automobile gains recognition as a cultural asset, has taken a crucial step forward. 

Hardly any other invention has, in the last 100 years, had more influence on the history of mankind as the automobile - soit rightly deserves this recognition. 

Finally, every day we all use countless innovations that were developed through motorsport.

Historic motorsport cultivates and maintains the memory of one of the greatest cultural achievements of mankind. We thank UNESCO for this recognition!