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#makeovermonday - How to restore a Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda? - part 2

From the exterior and the interior to the special equipment: There are various steps of our restoration until we can deliver you a perfectly restored Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda. But how exactly does a classic car-restoration look like? We look forward to giving you an insight into our classic car manufactory and professional restoration. A look behind the scenes, at the craft of the experienced automobile lovers of our Manufactory-team! Have fun reading our #makeovermonday series.

 Part 2 - The inner life

Classic car-interieur

The insulation and carpet 

After we described the first stages of our restoration in the last part of our #makeovermonday-series we now move on to the "inner life" of a Pagoda. After the carpet and the insulation have been completely removed and the body work has taken place, the wiring harness is reinstalled and re-glued. New insulation and sound absorption materials are used and the new carpet is glued.

The seats

After the seats in the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda have been completely dismantled, the rail system for the two front seats is also completely renewed, re-installed in the undercarriage and coated with appropriate lubricants. Then it goes to the seats: the leather is peeled off and the seats are opened. The springs inside are renewed, new seat foam is applied and the seats are re-upholstered and covered with the leather in the desired interior color. If three-point belts have been ordered as an option, the belt system is attached to the frame in advance and then the seats are reassembled.

Headrests are also optionally available for a Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda: if ordered in advance, the seats are reinforced inside and then the headrests are fixed.

The leather

The dashboard in the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda is splitted into three parts: In the lower area with the "knee protection", the central part in which the vehicle instruments are installed, is painted in the vehicle color, and the part above. During the restoration, the dashboard is not completely removed because it is an integral part of the body: the lower part is covered with new leather, the upper part is partially covered and reinstalled. On the upper part are three wooden elements: the loudspeaker cover, the center tunnel shelf and the wood for the dashboard below the windshield.

Leather work is also carried out on the doors: the door panels are relined, built under and covered with leather in the desired interior color.

The instruments and wood applications

All instruments and the wood applications are restored or replaced if necessary. But what does that mean in detail?

The dashboard consists of many individual components: the steering column is completely renewed and equipped with a corresponding indicator display, a multi-function lever with combined high beam and indicator function. The various switches, such as the light switch and the hazard warning switch, are also renewed. These are then reconnected to the wiring harness.

Depending on the color combination, a black or ivory-colored steering wheel can be selected. There are also various options for the center of the steering wheel: originally ivory-colored or black or optionally in the color of the leather interior on request.

It continues with the three instruments: the rev counter, the speedometer with kilometer or mile display and the instrument cluster with the display for fuel, oil pressure and water temperature as well as the control displays, such as for opening the door or the handbrake. These three units will be completely overhauled, new dials will be painted and the inner workings will be revised.

The original ignition lock with the original key is retained. If this is so damaged that it is defective, this component will also be completely replaced. The cigarette lighter is re-installed and the radio and clock are also replaced:

The radio will be given a general overhaul - three variants would be possible here: Radio Becker “Europa” or “Mexico” (contemporary) and Radio Becker Retro “Mexico” (modern). If the customer has special requests (e.g. AUX or Bluetooth), we are pleased to offer individual options.

The clock has a newly painted dial. In addition, the clockwork is cleaned and completely reconditioned. The ventilation system for the hot / cold air supply is located above these two elements.

The sun visors are being renewed: These are usually made of plastic but can also be covered with leather on request. Depending on the equipment option or on request, there is also the option of adding a center armrest or a third seat on the rear bench.

Preliminary result

It is almost half time for our Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda: After dismantling, painting and working on the interior, the classic car is taking on more and more shape. Are you interested in what happens next? We look forward to presenting you the next intermediate step of the restoration next week (on September 6th, 2021). Stay tuned for an insight into the works of the "heart" of a Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda: in our series #makeovermonday.

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