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Episode 77 Top Speed – Martin Utberg was our Guest in Böblingen

Martin Utberg drives a Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda and works on one of our classic-cars. Enjoy watching!

Top Speed Folge 77 Pagode from Martin Utberg on Vimeo.

"Since 2005, Top Speed ​​TV has recorded over 900 programs. The format is being moderated by the demanding racing driver Martin Utberg. Since he is also actively involved with the authors, the management of Top Speed ​​TV is particularly authentic.

Over the past 15 years, no challenge has been too big for the top speed team. Martin Utberg has experienced one of the most renowned speed events in the world. He drove in the Mille Miglia, the Dakar Rally, the Le Mans Classic and the Carrera Panamerica. Whether on the racetracks of the world or "off-road", nothing belongs to the difficult moderator from belonging to every race. A special highlight in the history of top-speed TV was certainly an 18,000-kilometer tour from Rotterdam to Shanghai. In the last 10 years, everything on Top-Speed-TV has to be about high-speed races with prototypes of the brands “Saker Sportscar”, “Radical” or “PRC”. For example, the PRC had a 500 hp engine and weighed only 600 kilograms.

Martin Utberg is often on the podium at German sports car races. Since the 2018 season, everything has revolved around the topic of "oldtimers". On this website you can watch all programs and find information about the Top Speed ​​TV program. Have fun watching."