Patent motorcar Nr. 1 Replica

Historic showpiece and demonstration model - the first milestone on the way to developing vehicles with internal engines!

Benz Patentmotorwagen Nr. 1 Replika


TypePatent motorcar Nr. 1 Replica

Vehicle ID1444

Time of production1885 - 1886



EngineSingle cylinder lying

Cylinder954 ccm

Engine Power 0,55kW 0,75HP

ExtrasDriveable Replica

PriceUpon request


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The era

Or what was it actually like in those days?
In 1885, Karl Benz produced his first three-wheeled vehicle with an internal engine in Mannheim: the Benz Patent - Motorwagen Nr.1! Although much of the design still reminds of carriages or velocipeds, Benz was convinced of his spectacular advanced product and filed for patent in January 1886, which was then issued in November of the year. Historically, this was the first sufficiently practical car with an internal combustion engine. Until then, Benz had to accept many challenges, obstacles and setbacks. An enormous development pressure on Karl Benz, because he knew that other inventors with the same ambition and personal commitment to the conception and production of similar vehicles worked. The main competitor was Gottlieb Daimler, who had been involved in the development of his riding car since 1882 in the Stuttgart district of Cannstatt. How difficult it was to dominate the new technological territory was shown on the first test drives of Karl Benz for secrecy reasons took place on the closed factory yard and ended several times on walls. Also, the first public exit, which took place for the same reasons in the dead of night, ended after a few hundred meters and minutes. The first successful exit with public participation and reporting by the press then took place in November 1886. While Karl Benz steered the motor car on the ring road in Mannheim, his son ran with a bottle of gasoline next to the vehicle to refill the small tank when needed. The beginning of an incredible development that continues to this day, right up to today's most modern automobiles. To date, internal combustion engines have basic features of the Benz engine: crankshafts with balancing weights, electric ignitions, tank system and mixture preparation and mostly water cooling.

The realization of the towing vehicle concept is regarded as an important precursor to individual mobility, proving that man can control and control machines of this kind in order to get from a starting point to a destination point. "A tour number of 250 tours per minute seemed sufficient, even a lot, and I could tell that this engine gave about 2/3 horsepower. (Quote Karl Benz) "Did you know 134 years ago what groundbreaking development was initiated? In 2011, in any case, the Karl Benz granted patent DRP No. 37435 was included in the World Heritage of UNESCO.

The performance

Or what is it like to drive?
The model is functional and can be driven on private grounds and events on closed roads, where it is always causing a stir and admired. Due to the type of construction, it is not possible to obtain general approval or to issue an H license plate. Certainly it can also enrich a sophisticated classic car collection.