Patent motorcar Nr. 1 Replica

Historic showpiece and demonstration model - the first milestone on the way to developing vehicles with internal engines!

Patentmotorwagen Nr. 1 Replika kaufen
Patentmotorwagen Nr. 1 Replika
Patentmotorwagen Nr. 1 Replika
Patentmotorwagen Nr. 1 Replika
Patentmotorwagen Nr. 1 Replika Oldtimer kaufen
Patentmotorwagen Nr. 1 Replika


TypePatent motorcar Nr. 1 Replica

Vehicle ID1444

Time of production1885 - 1886



EngineSingle cylinder lying

Cubic Capacity954 cc

Engine Power 0,55kW 0,75HP

ExtrasDriveable Replica

PriceUpon request


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Patent Motor Car No. 1 Replica 1886 - 1894

The Benz Patent Motor Car No. 1 is the first automobile with an internal combustion engine built by Carl Benz and is considered to be the first car in the world. Although much of the design was still reminiscent of carriages or velocipedes, Benz was convinced of his spectacularly advanced product and applied for a patent for it on 29 January 1886 as a ""vehicle with gas engine operation"".

The realisation of the Patent Motor Car concept is considered an important preliminary stage on the road to individual mobility and provided proof that man could control and steer machines of this kind to get from a starting point to a destination. "A speed of 250 revolutions per minute seemed to me sufficient, even a great deal, and I was able to determine that this engine yielded about 2/3 horsepower." - Quote Carl Benz. I wonder if they knew 134 years ago what groundbreaking development this was? In any case, in 2011 the patent granted to Karl Benz, DRP No. 37435, was included in UNESCO's World Document Heritage List.

From one-off to replica.

The model is ready for use and can be driven on private property and events on closed-off roads. Attention and admiration are guaranteed! The replica enriches every classic car collection and sparks conversations about automotive history.

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