Customized solutions that meet every demand

Dear customers, we are pleased to assist in in the process of your “perfect match” among the multitude of possibilities. Our over 40 years of experience is the key to your return opportunities of classic automobiles.


If our portfolio has aroused your interest, we look forward to hearing from you. Here we would like to provide first information by phone and subsequently by e-mail for you, but for sure we are also pleased to schedule an appointment for a personal consultation. Our customer service is always at your disposal.

Personal consultation by the CEO

Personal contact lies in our philosophy. Mr. Arthur and Tim Bechtel are at your disposal for a visit to one of our showrooms, with pleasure.  In our elegant VIP Lounge, we specifically address your wishes and ideas. With a selection out of our portfolio, carefully prepared Exposé and vehicle documents are already prepared for you. But also an individual restoration should not be withheld from you. Choose from a variety of color and equipment options and put together your individual dream classic car. Learn more about individual restoration here. Exclusivity and discretion are as important as the high quality of vehicles and services.


If you made the decision for your dream classic car, we are also happy to assist you in the process of purchase. For this we do not leave your side: from the decision of the purchase until the delivery.

Leasing & financing

In addition to a standardized purchase, we also offer the possibility of leasing & financing with our experienced and long-term partner from the financial service. The positive performance of many classic automobiles as well as attractive conditions on the financial market make classic car financing an attractive investment alternative.

While new automobiles show a high loss of value over the years, the value of a classic car usually increases continuously, resulting in considerable profit opportunities. An exemplary calculation based on a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL illustrates this impressively.

Original price at market launch about 17,000 - 20,000 DM
Purchase price 2009, vehicle condition 1, approx. 88,000 euro

Deposit 40.000 Euro
Balance financed 48.000 Euro
Interest for 3 years at 4% 5.760 Euro
Total costs 93.760 Euro
Value of the vehicle at the end of the financing period   129.000 Euro
Profit 2009 – 2012 35.240 Euro

100-Points check in our professional workshop

After completion, or before the delivery, we run our developed "100-point check sheet" - for maximum transparency, safety and driving pleasure. This meticulous assessment documents the vehicle condition with any maintenance and repair needs and thus minimizes relevant safety risks. In addition, our mechanics check model-specific vulnerabilities and critical vehicle points.

Delivery in a closed truck

After your vehicle has been inspected and prepared to an exclusive standard, we deliver your vehicle in a closed truck. You receive all elementary documents at the same time safely sent by us.

Customer service after 500 KM

Even after your first 500 KM we will not leave you alone. Your classic CAR needs a special treatment and we are pleased to assist you. We carry out an exclusive customer service according to manufacturer specifications, examine and check meticulously with regards to security risks.