Mercedes-Benz classic car restoration

You own a classic Mercedes-Benz introduced before 1972 in need of restoration? We are more than happy to bring this beauty back to life. Thanks to our years of experience we know what matters in the process of the restoration. We attach great importance to maintaining the character of the vehicle and at the same time achieving the highest quality standard - every restoration is carried out at the highest level. We are committed to mechanically and visually perfecting any Mercedes-Benz that arrives at our manufactory. You have questions on the restoration process, transport, logistics or would like to learn more on our services? We are looking forward to hear from you. 

1. Your basis vehicle

You own a classic car in need of a restoration? We are pleased to advise you personally. Get in touch with us personally via WhatsApp / by phone or email by today - we look forward to hear from you! Contact us here

Models we restore:
Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Roadster / Coupé

Mercedes-Benz 230-280 SL Pagoda
Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet A
Mercedes-Benz 220 SE ponton series
Mercedes-Benz W111 / W112
Mercedes-Benz 170 S Cabriolet
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster

You benefit from:
√ our special knowledge through many years of focusing on certain Mercedes-Benz classic cars produced in the 50s and 60s
√ numerous different customization options
√ Complete transparency throughout the process: you receive photo updates on request
√ a short delivery time (only 2 to a maximum of 6 months)
√ a Classic Data appraisal - as one of two providers across Germany, completely restored automobiles from our company receive the condition grade 1 with an individualized certificate from Classic Data)

2. Your classic car configuration

Design your dream classic Mercedes-Benz:
With our in-house color palettes and our booklets of configuration options, you can configure your desired classic car down to the smallest detail. We only use original Mercedes-Benz paint and leather colors in order to maintain and increase the value of your classic car. We would be happy to support you in this process. A visualization of your selection is here possible.

You choose:
᛫ Exterior
᛫ Interior
᛫ Technical upgrades
᛫ Optional equipment

Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda Configurator

3. The classic car restoration

The classic car restoration is a highly emotional topic for many classic car owners which is we won't leave your side throughout the entire restoration process. If desired we will provide you with photo updates of the various stages:

᛫ Distmantling
᛫ Body– and Paintwork
᛫ Leather, carpet and fabrics
᛫ Softtop / hardtop
᛫ Instruments and wood
᛫ Electrics
᛫ Engine and technology
᛫ Detailing

4. Your finished classic car

will be delivered with the following included services:
᛫ 2 years full warranty
᛫ photographic documentation of the restoration
᛫ issue of all relevant documents
᛫ customer support (registration / tax / import...)