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With the "Red Pig" in the far east

Arthur and Tim Bechtel followed the honorable invitation from the Far East and traveled to the capital of South Korea, Seoul in the past week. In tropical temperatures, they were already expected by the pre-loaded "Red pig" (Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 l - Red pig), since a special event was coming for the model and us. In one of Korea's largest auction, in the midst of contemporary, modern, traditional, Korean, but also international art, the "red pig" should find its place. Desired, fulfilled. Under the patronage of the auction house "K-Auction", it is possible for contenders worldwide to purchase the "Red pig" restored by Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors, as of today. The meticulous vehicle history and the corresponding documentation are presented by Arthur and Tim Bechtel himself. We are very glad about this unique opportunity and the resulting cordial contacts. Our sincere thanks also goes to the Dparts team for their warm welcome, the hospitality and the ongoning fruitful cooperation.