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The planning of the next classic car season starts now

The year is coming to an end; our favourites rest and for the most part, they are in a state of hibernation. However, which reasons speak against taking the precious piece on a ride on dry and salt-free days during the cold season. Prolonged standing – as it also is the case with us humans – certainly is not doing any good.

To drive with a closed top surely poses no problem. Furthermore, even if one opens the top, is covered in fur jacket, scarf and bonnet and turns on the heating as far as it will go. This will be a very special kind of experience! To cut a long story short, we nevertheless long for the time when people queue at the weekly markets in order to buy the first asparagus. 

However, until then, we can bridge the time also with planning trips and participations of events. Luckily, the amount of automotive historical events steadily increases. In 2000, there were only 600 events in Germany. Today, there are more than 2000 joyful activities. An almost unmanageable quote! 

Have you ever thought of attending such events outside of Germany? In spring of 2015, the 79-year-old Heidi Hetzer began her “single-tour” around the world driving a Hudson (year of construction 1930)! This attempt is a tribute to Clärenore Stinnes, who had undertaken a world trip in an Adler Standard 6 in the twenties. Back then, this was an absolute sensation. And even today, such a trip has to be regarded as an absolutely brave, but also admirable undertaking. By now, Hetzer has been on the road for over 20 months, but the tour is said to be accomplished next spring after two years of driving. 

Apart form uncountable breakdowns followed by extremely complex repairs, Heidi Hetzer lost her right hand’s little finger when she was looking through the running engine in search of oil loss. Furthermore, last spring, she was also diagnosed with cancer. She flew back to Germany, underwent surgery, flew back again to her “Hudo” and the travel continued. As if that was not enough, her purse with various papers, bank cards, cash, mobile and all records of the 2016 travel got stolen. But she never thought of giving up. Meanwhile, she has reached South Africa, where she is waiting for a completely overhauled engine. The engine has already arrived, but there are some issues with customs officials. She has covered quite a distance of 70,000 km. Several more kilometres will be added to that account until her arrival in Berlin next spring. That woman truly is an Iron Lady that should deserve a classic car memorial! 

The world’s oldest long-distance rally from Beijing to Paris (12,000 km) is not as spectacular as Hetzer’s trip, but nevertheless not without defects. The rally will celebrate its revival in 2019. Having said this, there is plenty of time for preparation! Next year in September, the “Top City Classic Rallies” will take place in Beijing and Shanghai. 

Who ever wanted to set wheels on South African soil, we can recommend the “Classic Safari Challenge”. This 28-days-safari-rally starts from the Indian Ocean and ends at Namibia’s Skeleton Coast (October / November 2017). 

“Baltic Classic Rally” in the North of Europe is another impressive event occurring in May / June 2017. The rally will be a 14-days-drive from Kopenhagen, through Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland to Berlin. For those, who prefer warmer latitudes, we suggest the “Blue Train Challenge”, a “Vintage and Pre’62 Sports Car Tour” that goes from Deauville, France, to Cannes. 

Furthermore, the South and North American continent has something extremely interesting to offer. In November / Decemeber 2017, the 28-days long “Rally of Incas” will take place. The rally starts at the East Coast in Buenos Aires, Argentina, passes through Chile and ends on the West Coast in Lima, Peru. “The Endurance Rally Association” organises another classic car rally in May / June 2018: “Trans America from Charleston to Seattle” is scheduled for three weeks. It is a rally from the East to the West Coast across the United States and a tribute to the legendary “Cannenball Races” of the twenties and especially seventies. These races are no longer permitted. Who would not want to be part of such an event? 

But let’s take it easy. These are only some examples. They should serve as appetizers from a global range. Additionally, with all the enthusiasm for such fascinating events, not every one has the time or power to participate in such spectacular undertakings. Therefore, let us return to the above-mentioned diversity of events in Germany or in the neighbouring foreign countries. We would like to recommend some historical rallies such as the “Baiersbronn Classic” (from 21 Sept. to 24. Sept 2017) or the “Paul Pietsch Classic” (from 9 June to 10 June 2017) near Stuttgart. 

Finally, one more tip: The “Classic Car Diary” ( provides an annual overview of the most important events, exhibitions, auctions, fairs, and so on. The diary is a reliable source for each enthusiast of classic cars. 


We hope you will enjoy planning and preparing your private trips, classic rallies, concours-events and other automotive experiences. And always remember: even winter surprises us with sunny days!