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My first Porsche 356

In the late seventies, the classic car scene was relatively limited.

Automobile manufacturers (with one exception) did not pay attention at all to their automobile history. Events such as the “Oldtimer Grand-Prix” on the Nürburgring track took place in a familiar atmosphere. Passion for old cars was rather regarded – much more than today – as an ingrained affair of the heart of some “nuts”.

I always dreamed of the Porsche 356. Therefore, I began to search through the small ads until I found a three-line verse in the magazine Auto Motor und Sport: “Porsche 356 B Cabrio, Baujahr 61, guter Zustand, DM 4.200. Telefon … “ (Porsche 356 B Cabriolet; built in 61; good condition; DM 4,200; Phone …“. I called him immediately. He had the car in Marburg/Lahn and the car was just waiting for a test drive. The very next day, I drove to Marburg and looked at the white 365 Cabriolet with black interior design assembled with a 911 Targa hoop. The hoop was junk, however, also easily removable. Nevertheless, all euphoria was not spoiled in any way. On the contrary! I was having a short test drive; the engine was running; the car was switchable; so why not buying it right away? I signed the purchase agreement and gave DM 4,200 cash to the owner. I set off on the motorway right to Stuttgart. What an awesome feeling! 

However, disillusion appeared – how could it be otherwise – several days later. The engine did not have enough power; synchronisation in the gearbox was horrible; the top was even more miserable. And all the more, even the grille was enthusiastic about the car! I thought about what I should no next. Therefore, I started to prepare a list, which included all necessary restauration measures. However, the relation between me and my first Porsche did not last for long. On a Saturday afternoon, I drove home in my new acquisition and parked the car in front of the house. Suddenly, a 900 Kawasaki motorcycle abruptly decelerated across the street and a slender guy got off his bike. He hastily came over and I intuitively suspected that he wanted to attack me for some reason still unknown to me. However, he smiled and looked at the car rigorously. Then, he asked me, if I would like to exchange the Porsche for the Kawasaki. I was convinced that this guy was crazy and I tried to make it clear to him that I had no experience at all with motorcycles. However, I suggested that I would sell but not exchange the Porsche. I ran the engine again and just after shortly negotiating, he shook my hand and agreed to purchase the vehicle. He said goodbye and promised to come back in the evening on the same day to deliver the money. And he was gone. For my part, I thought about what kind of nuts do exist on this planet and the matter was settled: just a funny moment to remember. 

However, around 7 o’clock, the door bell rang and my Italian friend was standing in front of the door with an envelope full of cash. I quickly wrote the purchase agreement. I followed him with his new car into the underground parking of a nearby hospital. The new Porsche owner was a male nurse in the Olga hospital! 

Several years later, I was sitting in a well-known Italian restaurant in Stuttgart, when suddenly the owner came to our table. We looked at each other and we both had the feeling that somehow we had seen each other before. And suddenly, it just made click! He was the one, who bought my 356 several years before. We fell into each others’ arms and told each other old car stories until late in the evening. 

This is what happened back then. Even four more types followed the paths of the 356 no. 1. However, that’s another story to tell.