Leasing & Financing

Benefit from Capital Appreciation

The positive price performance of many classic cars combined with attractive rates in the financial markets, make classic car financing an appealing investment alternative. 

Whilst newly registered cars lose significant value over the years, the value of a classic car usually increases continuously, resulting in significant profit opportunities. A typical calculation based on a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL exemplifies this. 

New price at launch c. 17.000 – 20.000 Deutschmarks

Purchase price in 2009, vehicle condition A1, c. 88.000 Euro

Deposit 40.000 Euros

Balance financed48.000 Euro
Interest for 3 years at 4%5.760 Euro
Total costs93.760 Euro
Value of the vehicle at the end of the financing period   129.000 Euro
Profit 2009 – 201235.240 Euro

The example demonstrates the attractiveness of classic car financing as a long-term investment option. We have been working for many years with experienced financial services partners and 

will gladly arrange a reliable one who can inform you about the benefits and arrange quotations for you. For any other questions about classic car financing we are, of course, at your disposal.