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Expertise. Experience. Passion. These are the elemtary components of our specialist workshop for classic cars. Established in 2010, our "Glass Workshop" is in close proximity to the sales and exhibition area. It reflects our 40 plus years of experience in the repair and maintenance of classic automobiles. In 2018, Andreas Christophidis enriched our team. We are pleased to have found an expert and, above all, a partner who not only shares our values, but is an essential component of Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors in him.

With the integration of Christophidis and his team into our workshop structure, we are laying the foundation for a partnership that will ultimately benefit every old-timer enthusiast who is looking for professional advice. With ARTHUR BECHTEL CLASSIC MOTORS / SERVICES operated by Christophidis, we can offer you all the services you require at both our locations in Böblingen, Headquarter (Motorworld Region Stuttgart) and Cologne, Dependance (Motorworld Cologne). We are pleased to advise you personally on all your concerns!

Andreas Christophidis has been a specialist in the classic car sector for 30 years and maintains some of the world's top-class collectors. In addition to his fondness and experience in Mercedes-Benz models, Christophidis also brings unique expertise for the brands BMW and Ferrari.

"Bechtel stands for special vehicle quality, a familiar environment for customers and employees alike. For me it is the ideal partner for taking care of the most exciting vehicles and customers together." - Andreas Christophidis