100-Point Checklist

100-Point Checklist

Minimise Risk, Increase Reliability

If your classic car breaks down, this is usually due to maintenance issues or undetected wear and tear. Our proprietary vehicle inspection plan, based on a "100-Point Checklist", documents the state of the vehicle and makes possible maintenance and repair recommendations, 

thereby minimising safety risks. In addition, our mechanics check model-specific vulnerabilities as well as vehicle trouble spots. Each vehicle sold by us is subject to this extensive evaluation, providing maximum transparency, safety and driving pleasure.  

100-Point Inspection Service

Classic cars are only likely to preserve their value or appreciate if they are in exceptional condition, without gaps in their maintenance history. Therefore we decided to offer our vehicle inspection with its "100-Point Checklist" as a separate service. After testing, you receive a detailed overview of the vehicle’s condition and any defects discovered and if work can be carried out in our workshop immediately. This detailed review therefore facilitates capital appreciation.

Incidentally, it also makes sense to use the 100-point inspection before upcoming driving events and planned trips as well as at the start and end of the season. That’s because breakdown is not only a huge safety risk, but also causes personal frustration over the failure. We would be happy to assist you with any questions regarding the professional vehicle inspection and our "100-Point Checklist".