Individual Restoration

Individual Restoration


More and more frequently, the consideration of individual equipment requests plays an important role as regards the restoration of classic vehicles. Therefore, we for our part have decided to offer diverse individualisation options when it comes to your “dream classic car”.

Whether you request a specific colour combination of a car, which you or your family possessed a few years ago, or a classic vehicle completely customised as regards your personal preferences of paintwork, interior design, and equipment details – we meet your individual wishes!

You can choose from a variety of colour and equipment versions in order to compose your own individual dream classic vehicle.


This service, for instance, includes an optimised gearbox, a radio system with a navigation system in classical design, incorporation of an air-conditioning system (subject to the condition is the technical feasibility), or further useful details as, for example, a handmade, integrated luggage set in interior colour design.

Regarding all individualisation options, we pay particular attention to protection of the historical vehicle character. We exclusively focus on contemporary combinations, which were available on the date of delivery back then. Incorporation of technical optimisations takes place invisibly or the vehicle can be reset in serial position at small technical effort.

High specialization

Our specialists have long-standing experience focusing on the restoration of specific Mercedes-Benz classics of the fifties and sixties. Therefore, they possess a high level of class-specific specialist expertise, which ensures a compliance of an incomparably high quality standard.

Since we are one out of two suppliers on the entire German market, completely restored vehicles of our house receive the condition score of 1 with an individualised certificate of Classic Data. This document reflects an increase of replacement value around 20 percent and verifies the quality level of our restoration work.

An extensive photo documentation about the accomplished restoration works complements and sharpens Arthur Bechtel Classic Motor’s profile of individual restoration.

Delivery time for your restored vehicles is merely two to a maximum of six months.

Currently, individual restoration is possible for several following Mercedes-Benz types. 

Here, it is insignificantly, if you already possess a vehicle being in need of restoration, or if you choose from our offer of available basic vehicles.

We gladly provide personal advice – please, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.