Der Markt für klassische Automobile wird immer undurchsichtiger

The market for classic cars is booming. We guess that this is nothing you never have heard before. As evidenced by facts, this scenario remains unchanged even in 2015. What distinguishes the German Share Index (DAX) from the German Oldtimer Index (DOX)?

The latter has been heading only towards one direction for many years now: it constantly rises. Last year alone, the barometer for classic cars turned from 2.282 to 2.413 points. The rating system started in 1999 having a base index of 1.000 points. The rate of increase, which has only changed marginally for 17 years, held 5,6 % again in 2015. Only a few investment properties record a similar steady increase in value. This happened despite of economic and political upheavals as, for instance, the bank and financial crisis in the United States, which started in 2007 and has been responsible for an imbalance of the world’s economies for many years. 

However, this is usually the case in a market, in which people strive for making quick money when the prices steadily increase. There are many black sheep in our line of business. As the chief editor of the Motor Klassik says in his editorial of the March issue: “the market for classic cars becomes more and more transparent. Some dealers, who probably pursued trade in bananas and try to sell every kind of crap, entered this business due to the enormous price increase of the past years. Recently, a purchaser advised a client, who bought a sports car with an excellent high speed motor, on not turning over 3,500 when driving the first thousands of kilometres. The vehicle was allegedly not used for a long time. The man already put two litres of oil into the engine on his way home!” 

The consequences that surround the topic of original condition are far more fatal. Many enthusiasts of classic cars are aware of this. Many dealers keep it a secret that appropriate elements such as engine and gear, or non-coherent chassis-details were mounted, which do not fit the original version. In doing so, they magically recreate a sports vehicle for racing sport, produced in limited edition, and sell it as an “original”. Today, down to the very last screw, everything is able to be remade. Nevertheless, the value of a perfect new construction of the “original” and a real original can differ tremendously up to several hundred percent. 

Therefore, more than ever, one has to pay attention in the classic car sector and to sort the wheat from the chaff in order to avoid fraud. Many insiders of the classic car scene acquired a strong know-how about the high-profile substance of historical vehicles. Therefore, they know how to do it right. It is even more important to form a profile that is associated with trust and quality in every respect by means of strong expertise as well as a high degree of experience and knowledge. Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors, regarded as the “primary rock” of classic car trade, has successfully ensured this compliance for more than four decades now. 

The classic car season will soon start! We look forward to your visit at the classic cars scene’s various national as well as international events. 

We are looking forward to welcome you!