1973 Porsche 911 RS

A first-class Porsche RS. Then as now the epitome of a pure sports car!

Technical Specification
Our ID 1407
Manufacturer Porsche
Model 911 RS
Produced 1972-1973
Year 1973
Steering Left hand drive
Exterior White
Interior Synthetic leather / fabric black
Engine 6 Boxer engine
Capacity 2.653 ccm
Power 154 kW/210HP
Extras Tripmaster
Price on request





The Era

The name Porsche is and remains inextricably linked to the term "911er". The great success of the original model 356 was far exceeded by the successor introduced in 1963. In no car of the long history of cars, the basic design and product features have remained as consistently preserved over decades as in the Porsche 911 design. In the early seventies, the 911 had developed significantly compared to the original type of 1963. The capacity of the six-cylinder engine had now risen to 2.4 L, the power range was now at 130 hp (911 T), 165 hp (911 E) and 190 hp 911 S). And then just in the short time of a few months , a 911 was developed to offer Porsche customers a victorious car in Group 4 (Spezial GT): the 911 Carrera 2.7 RS. With a displacement of 2.7 liters with a power output of 210 hp, lightweight construction and aerodynamic aids, the 2.7 RS marks the highest escalation level of the early 911s. From August 1972 to July 1973, a total of 1,580 Carrera RS were built, of which 200 in the again reduced by 115 kg Lightweight version. 1,000 copies were required for homologation.
Motor journalist Jan Henrik Muche writes in a report on the 911 Carrera RS: "The old Alpha 911 wins affection just by its sheer presence. The design by chief designer Anatole Lapine has been a role model to this day and the illustrious minority of owners of this car are experiencing a bit of car-heaven ".
There is nothing to add.

The condition

Or how it really is. Original, given a facelift or fully restored?

The offered 911 Carrera RS was delivered to the Porsche Center Frankfurt in April 1973. It had been sold to the Porsche specialist Manfred Freisinger, who sold the car in 1977 without an engine, since Freisinger kept it. From 1978 to 1982 the car has driven in the German rally championship with a 3 liter racing engine. 1982 Sale of the car to Dr. Ing. Reineck and use at smaller rally events. 1988 sale to Mr. Wachsmann and in the same year decommissioning. 1990 Repurchase by Manfred Freisinger and extensive restoration with dismantling into the delivery condition and installation of the original engine. Until 2007, the car is admitted for Manfred Freisinger Junior. After that sale to the British collectors. F. Synters, 2009 to G. Mandaley, 2015 to G. Stockton and 2016 return to Germany. The state corresponds to the delivery, the history is absolutely complete and documented by extensive documents.

The Performance

Or what is it like to drive?

The 911 Carrera RS brings much more than its tamer brothers in street suit the incomparable and legendary performance and driving characteristics of the early 911 era, which made the Porsche 911 to a sports car myth. With incomparable authenticity, it conveys exactly the fascinating driving experience of a great racing era. He is not the sensitive racing device for best times on the Nürburgring. The engine can safely turn up to 7,000 tours, but it also tolerates without any complaining with 50 km / h in the fourth gear in a rush hour to stroll, which makes him absolutely suitable for everyday use.