1966 Porsche 911 Coupé

The real Porsche

Technical Specification
Our ID 1361
Manufacturer Porsche
Model 911 Coupe Master Model
Produced 1963-1972
Year 1966
Steering Left-Hand Drive
Exterior Aga-Blue
Interior Synthetic leather black with Pepita
Engine 6-cylinder boxer engine
Capacity 1.977 cc
Power 96 kW/130 HP
Extras Webasto auxiliary heating
Price on request
Guarantee full one-year warranty





The Era ...

... or what was it actually like in those days?

The name Porsche is inextricably linked with the term “911”. The great success of the 356 series was surpassed by the “911”. The 911 became bigger outside and inside. The new panoramic windows with good visibility, a larger trunk and a longer wheelbase significantly improved the driving comfort. After its market launch in 1964, it was continuously further developed while retaining the essential characteristics of the original eleven. Then as now, it is the epitome of the optimal classic 2 + 2 sports car.


The Condition ...

... or how it really is. Original, given a facelift or fully restored?

The first German delivery took place in Stuttgart on February 21, 1966. The vehicle’s story is known: it was always admitted only in Germany; an old vehicle registration paper is available. The 911 has the 2.0 L original engine, a Webasto heater, the original tool bag and the original manual. A Porsche birth certificate is available. It was completely restored in 2000 by a proven Porsche expert at the highest level. Corresponding evidence is available. Since then, the car has been driven only for 500 km and is thus technically and visually in excellent condition. Engine and Transmission Matching Number! We have already requested a current valuation report.

The Performance ...

... or what is it like to drive?

The Porsche 911, which we offer, still gives you just as much driving pleasure and experience as it did 43 years ago. If you want to fully exploit your sporting potential, you can only do so responsibly when you are on closed courses. But also on public roads, you can enjoy its acceleration and the famous road. It is fully suitable for everyday use. To drive or to collect, with proper care, as an original eleven, it certainly has potential for appreciation!