1957 Jaguar XK 150 DHC Cabriolet

Dreamlike XK 150 as a DHC Cabriolet in subtle dark blue with an interior made of red leather and blue fabric roof – One of the most beautiful realizations of a typical British Cabriolet!

Technical Specification
Our ID 1372
Manufacturer Jaguar
Model XK 150 DHC Convertible
Produced 1957-1961
Year 1957
Steering Left-Hand Drive
Exterior Blue
Interior Leather Red
Engine six-cylinder engine
Capacity 3.442 cc
Power 154kW/193HP
Extras Chrome wire wheels, rearview mirror right, 5-speed gearbox
Price 198.500 Euro
Guarantee full one-year warranty





The Era

... or what was it actually like in those days?

Towards the middle of the fifties, things started to pick up again in America and Europe. This also had an effect on the company policy at Jaguar and in 1957 the company launched the XK 150, the third and final stage of the already successful XK series. It was built until 1961 and when the E-Type successor came onto the market, the XK series had been produced for a total of 14 years. Compared to the XK 140, only slight but significant changes were made in the transition to the XK 150, such as, for instance, the one-piece panorama windshield, the horizontal fenders, a continuous chrome bumper rear, the wider body, the larger grille and standard disc brakes on all four wheels. Jaguar campaigned for the model with the effective slogan: “The fastest production sports car in the world,” which referred to the achievable maximum speed. On the trunk there is a small emblem discreetly pointing to the 5 Le Mans victories of the XK series in the period from 1951 to 1957! From the XK 150 DHC Convertible only 1,893 copies were built.

The Condition

... or how it really is. Original, given a facelift or fully restored?

The XK 150 was first registered in the US and was shipped back to Europe a few years ago. The vehicle was then restored to the highest standard in specialist shops from ground up and now presents itself with a new car character. A one-year full warranty is included.


The Performance

... or what is it like to drive? 

The XK 150 has, on the one hand, the typical British sports car genes and, on the other hand, also features such as a Grand Tourismo model. It can be moved athletically and yet has a comfortable suspension and comfortable seats that can seduce with plenty of seating comfort on a nice day for relaxed tours or cruises. As a 2 + 2-seater, it is even family friendly! You can still switch it quickly today and enjoy its athletic qualities. However, the maximum output of the long-stroke engine should not be permanently accessed to ensure a long life. Nevertheless, with the five-speed gearbox, considerable average speeds can be achieved in a manner that saves speed. In his condition and appearance, it is also suitable to enrich a collection attractive. With appropriate treatment and care, it certainly has a value appreciation potential!