1952 Mercedes-220 Cabriolet A

Mercedes-Benz 220 A Cabriolet – the elegant Cabriolet of 1950ies upper class, with only 1,278 examples being built.

Technical Specification
Our ID 1343
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model 220 Cabriolet A
Produced 1951-1955
Year 1952
Steering Left Hand Drive
Exterior Green
Interior Leather beige
Engine 6 in line
Capacity 2.171 cc
Power 63kW/86Php
Extras Back seats, white wall tyres, tuner, auxiliary headlamps and spotlight
Price 179.500 Euro





The Era

...or what was it actually like in those days? 

The Mercedes-Benz 220 was introduced in 1951 at the IAA in Frankfurt together with the 300 (called Adenauer) and including the first all-new six-cylinder engine from Daimler-Benz after the second world war. The modern short-stroke engine with overhead camshaft was installed on the largely unchanged chassis of the 170 S, helping the car to significantly better performance. The engine was used, with continuous modifications, for nearly 40 years until 1989. The external appearance of the 220 displayed changes to the bonnet and the headlights were now integrated into the wings. The new series was available as a four-seat sedan, the two-seater cabriolet A, a four-seater cabriolet B and, for the first time after the war, as a two-seat coupé. At a price of 18.500 Deutschmarks, only 1,278 examples of this exclusive cabriolet were built. 

The Condition

...or how it really is. Original, given a facelift or fully restored?

First delivery and registration in Karlsruhe, Germany. The cabriolet A was recently fully restored in 2008 and 2009. Technically and visually the vehicle presents itself in immaculately good condition. The vehicle has proper clearances, is superb visually and everything works properly mechanically. A comprehensive photographic documentation about the performed work is available. The actual mileage after restoration shows 10.000 km. Classic Date Certificate from 2013 as well as a FIVA Identity Card from 2015 are available. 

The Performance

...or what is it like to drive?

A 220 A Cabriolet gives its owner, driver and passengers an inimitable feeling of serenity and calm, safe in the knowledge that it can be relied upon as a quality product. One could say it is typical Mercedes - a symbol of German craftsmanship! Trips with the top down are a sensory experience and you have security in the knowledge that you have made a very stable investment. A Mercedes from the 50s in its best form - a 2-door, 2-seat convertible. It speaks both emotion and reason alike.