Quality Standards

Preserving Legendary Engineering – Vehicle Restoration

Classic cars are witnesses to bygone times and frequently represent milestones of engineering achievement. Restoration and preservation of these technical masterpieces is the endeavour of Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors. The central points of reference for any restoration are, for us, quality and fidelity. 

By using materials that are true to the original and by employing traditional crafts, we meet the fundamental requirement for collectors and investors in classic cars i.e. contemporary authenticity.  To ensure optimum performance return, Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors offers faithfully constructed, Concours-level vehicles. 

Authentic Refurbishment for Positive Returns

The restoration of high-quality classic cars is like the careful refurbishment of a valuable objet d’art. The aim is to achieve a perfectly revised work, but without affecting the historic character of the vehicle in the process. All effort adds up to the same thing, that is, to preserve the greatest possible authenticity of the vehicle. Our experienced specialists work towards this aim with great sensitivity, 

combining traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods. The restoration process begins with the complete dismantling of the vehicle and spans the elaborate revision and restoration of components through to the photography and documentation of all work. With great care and attention, every minute detail is taken into consideration. After hundreds of hours of effort and numerous operations, old treasures glisten in their renewed splendour.