Vehicle Collections - Appeal and Value

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A large number of classic automobiles are already in private collections and are therefore no longer on the market. There are many reasons for establishing a classic car collection for the cool, calculating investor. 

Intelligently and purposefully structured, a collection fills its owner with great pride and always has a value as a whole which is greater than the sum of the vehicles contained within it.

Individual Design Options

Assembling a collection can be achieved using various criteria. Depending on the taste and style of the collector, the idea could be investment-focussed or could be based on personal preference. So, for example, the subject of a collection may be exclusively classic cars with high performance potential 

and a correspondingly high expected return. But a collection could also be aligned to certain types of cars, such as those from specific eras, manufacturers or models. For lovers of that “something special” there is also the possibility to specialise exclusively on completely unique vehicles. The possibilities are endless!

Vast Experience in Structuring and Assembly

Some of the most important collections in Europe were built up by Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors. We are happy to pass this experience in designing and building a collection on to our customers. In addition, we are also the right people to manage an existing collection 

or one under construction. From the optimal storage of your assets in secure air-conditioned premises to arranging appropriate insurance and professional technical service, we have all the facilities and the necessary know-how for both collectors and beginners alike.