Professional support of your investment

The one thing is to buy a precious classic car, to maintenance it over the years and keep the value is the other thing.


Even when it comes to storage: we are pleased to help. At at our headquarter (Charles-Lindbergh Platz 1 D-71034 at MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart) we store your classic car carefully and maintain them continuously and professionally. For optimum value conservation, the storage takes place in perfectly air-conditioned premises and under the highest safety standards. Your classic car is stored in a computer-controlled and specially coded system and is always accessible to you. Alternatively, we offer storage in one of our stylish glass boxes or in discreetly separated premises. If you would like an exit or accompanied tour, just call us and you will start in your perfectly maintained and well-filled classic.


Your classic car in best condition that is a standard for us. We are pleased to take care of the storage, the maintenance and the detailing of your investment. A flawless condition of your classic car is a relevant aspect when it comes to the value conservation. With our partner, which we have worked many years with, we can offer you an exclusive detailing according to premium standard. We are pleased to welcome your requests.

Classic car insurance

In addition to regular maintenance and care classic cars require a special insurance, which takes into account, for example, the continuous value increasement.  The choice of the insurance partner and the appropriate tariff, however, requires market knowledge - benefits and conditions vary widely.

For example, only one insurance policy for the replacement value is concluded with additional costs in the event of damage.

BELMOT by „Mannheimer Versicherung“ is specialized in the insurance of classic cars and offers tailor-made products. 

In addition to a basic cover, the company also offers products with all-risks cover, which include, for example, engine and gearbox damage.

For questions and further information please contact Mr. Sven Floegel of Mannheimer Versicherung AG.

Sven Floegel Generalagentur der Mannheimer Versicherung AG

Sven Floegel