More than 40 years of experience in sale and procurement

The ultimate platform for your classic car!

MOTORWORLD Stuttgart, where Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors is situated, is one of the highest quality classic car centres in Germany. We offer optimal conditions so that you can present, promote and market your vehicle. MOTORWORLD is open seven days a week until 8pm for classic car fans and potential buyers. 

Offer us your classic or let us know which vehicle you are looking for.

Of course, we take care of all the work around the sale of your classic car, for example, transport, technical review, preparation, preparation of sales exposé, advertising and discussions with interested parties. Benefit from our services and successes of high-quality and classic vehicles since 1972. We work with state-of-the-art communication systems, an experienced sales force, high-quality presentation on site, active presentation in all media and exhibit at relevant Events and fairs. We look forward to working for you too.