Mercedes Benz

320 Cabriolet B 1937

The successful pre-war Mercedes-Benz 320 model as a four-seater Cabriolet B - now restored to the highest standard.  

Mercedes Benz 320 Cabriolet B

ManufacturerMercedes Benz

Type320 Cabriolet B

Vehicle ID1091

Time of production1937-1942

Model year1937

SteeringLeft hand drive


InteriorLeather Grey

Engine6 Cylinder in a row

Cylinder3.208 ccm

Engine Power 57kW 78HP

ExtrasChrome spoke weehls, White wall tires, Additional headight, Luggage set

Warranty1-year warranty

PriceOn request


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Tim Bechtel

Tim Bechtel


The era

Or what was it really like back then?
A top class vehicle representing the very best of the German car industry in the 1930s. The new Type 320 replaced the Type 290 from 1937. The chassis from the 290 continued to be used with the longer and wider car bodies built onto it, in whatever form the many typical variants of the era took.  The 320 was conceived as a touring car capable of handling longer distances. Although the vehicle was not designed as a sports car, it is distinguished by its good road holding and pleasant, energy-efficient handling. The generally poor quality of the fuel and the resulting loss in performance ultimately led to an increase in engine capacity up to 3.4 L. This was a measure which all other German car manufacturers took at that time. Performance and torque values remain unchanged. The ZF four-speed gearbox now had an additional “cruising gear” which would later become known as “overdrive”. This was activated using a separate lever. It reduced the engine speed by 26% and in turn lowered the fuel consumption when travelling a higher speeds. 5,133 of the Type 320 were produced in the civilian version at the Mannheim factory and cost around 10,000 Reichsmarks for the Cabriolet B design.

The condition

or how it really is.
The vehicle has completely been restored to the highest standard, both technically and in terms of appearance. The car has not made any trips since its restoration. It is in immaculate condition and everything functions perfectly. All of the work undertaken has been thoroughly documented with photographs. An H-Gutachten (German historical vehicle report) and American title are on hand. 

The performance

Or what is it like to drive?
The car would make an excellent addition to a high value collection in its current condition. However, the vehicle is also suitable for undertaking trips in style and for presentations at events. The car’s beautiful shape and smooth contours really come into their own with the roof down. The Mercedes-Benz 320 was considered in the 1930s to be the embodiment of a luxurious and comfortable touring car with plenty of room.  With their beautiful and timeless combination of elegance and sleekness, the A and B convertible designs were the most attractive variants in the series. The perfect proportions and excellent technology delight more now than they ever have and make this 320 currently on offer the ultimate classic car whose value is certain to increase.