Mercedes Benz

300 SE Coupé

Classic luxurious Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Coupe of the 60s - With regards to form, technology and comfort the best of the 60s. Top design, advanced engine and luxury features!

Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupé

ManufacturerMercedes Benz

Type300 SE Coupé

Vehicle ID1483

Time of production1962-1967

SteeringLeft hand drive


InteriorLeather Beige

Engine6 Cylinder in a row

Engine Matching NumberYes

Cylinder2.975 ccm

Engine Power 125kW 170HP

ExtrasRadio, BEHR-air conditioner, double Headlights, White wall tires, burl, Automatic transmission, electric steel sunroof and electrical windows

Warranty1-year warranty

Price235.000 EURO


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The era

Or what was it actually like in those days?
Compared to the W 111 series, the coupe and convertible variants W 112 seperate from the sedan series due to striking body modifications. While the sedans are styled with distinctive tail fins, the C variants present with much rounder, smoothed and slimmer shapes. Although many parts were identical for reasons of cost and rationalization, nothing of the body parts of the sedan could be used directly on the C models. Significantly more parts had to be produced by hand, which was reflected in the new price: C-models were twice as expensive as comparable sedans. The flagship of the range is the luxurious 300 SE (W 112), which combines the bodywork of the 220 SEB with the M 189 3-liter alloy engine, a standard automatic transmission, air suspension, power steering and a dual-disc brake system with four disc brakes. As a coupe he was built only 2419 times and is therefore today a rare vehicle.

The condition

Or how it really is.
The automobile has been restored very elaborately. During the restoration special emphasis was placed on the original specifications (color, interior) of the manufacturer. The result is a vehicle with a new car character. Due to the special restoration services, this vehicle stands out clearly from the normal old-timer market as well as from the other classic cars with state mark 1. The work carried out is well documented and the sale is covered by a one-year full warranty. Motor Matching Number. The MB data card is present and an individual value appraisal requested

The performance

Or what is it like to drive?
The exterior paint finish in the rare bronze brown metallic, the elegant wood and light leather interior is understated elegant and accentuates the coupe line. Like no other vehicle of the sixties, this type represents the upscale vehicle class of the time: with a powerful engine and extensive luxurious equipment. A beautiful car to enjoy a good time with the family or friends and an investment in an ambitious collection with potential.